1. Special Projects, Layer

    Prototyped current company direction. Also 10x'd ACVs as part of the sales team

    Feb 2016 – Aug 2017

  2. CS '15, Cornell University

    Business focus + Kessler Fellow

    Aug 2012 – Aug 2015

  3. Cofounder + CEO, Tunetap

    Tunetap is a site that lets musicians and venues presell tickets to reduce risk and predict demand before booking a show.

    Sept 2013 – Sept 2015

  4. Lead Developer + Designer, ArtZoco

    ArtZoco was a site that provided a peer-to-peer ecommerce marketplace for Peruvian artisans.

    Mar 2013 – Mar 2014

  5. Creator + Author, CupsOfCocoa

    Cups of Cocoa is a comprehensive set of tutorials for learning iOS development, assuming no prior coding knowledge, written in simple, clear English.

    Sold to Binpress, mid-2014


  1. Information organization platform

    Too much of our knowledge work happens in siloed apps. Search is only great if we know exactly what we're looking for (which is 80% of the battle)

  2. A better IDE

    Existing IDEs are some combination of bloated, ugly, and confusing. I think there's massive opportunities for design and technical improvements.

  3. Practical, economical health tracking

    We're seeing significant advances in certain health trackers, such as glucose monitors. In order to fully understand our health, we need to measure dozens of factors, such as vitamin, ketones, and insulin levels — and be able to do so within minutes, every day.

  4. Humanity as a multi-planetary species

    I believe it's vitally important for humanity to expand beyond Earth, and would love to meaningfully contribute towards this goal.